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User Profiles in the Directory module enables editing of User Profile information; which will appear in your organization's Google Workspace Directory contact group. User Profiles cannot be created or deleted from this section, they may only be edited. You can edit Google Attributes or Custom Attributes in this section. Custom Attributes are created in the Google Admin console can be used to store information such as the projects your users work on, their physical locations, their hire dates, or whatever else fits your business needs. Here is Google's documentation on creating custom attributes for user profiles.

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Google Workspace settings that can effect profile email information

There is a contact sharing setting that can effect what is shown in the profile email information view. To view these settings navigate to the Google Admin console > Directory > Directory Settings. You'll want to check the "Contact Sharing" section. Please see below for a description of what will be shown :

Choose which user email addresses should be visible to other users:

Chose what is shown in the browsable "Directory" in Contact Manager

If you choose to "Disable contact sharing" no email addresses will be visible in the Email Profile section.