How To Set Up Auto Pay for Google Workspace in gPanel

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Before you begin

You must be an admin in gPanel to set up auto pay.

How to set up auto pay for Google Workspace in gPanel

1. On the left side navigation, hover over the dollar sign and click Billing.

If you do not see a menu like the one below, you may be currently set as a "User" within gPanel. Therefore, you'll need to ask your domain administrator for administrator access to gPanel. Especially if you are planning to complete more admin actions in the future.

Billing highlighted in the gPanel Plans & Billing navigation menu dropdown

2. Go to the subscription you would like to set up auto pay for and click actions then click Access Billing Account.

Subscription actions dropdown menu in gPanel with Access Billing Account highlighted

3. Click Manage payment methods.

5. Go to the payment method you would like to use for auto pay and click on the dropdown in the left corner, then click Auto Pay.

Auto pay dropdown selection in gPanel billing payment methods

6. The terms and conditions will pop up. Click the agree checkbox and click Confirm. You will also get an email that contains a PDF copy of this agreement.

7. Now this payment method is set up for auto pay for Google Workspace in gPanel.

You will get two notification emails each month. First, you'll receive an email on your bill date notifying you that you have a new invoice and that this invoice will be paid via your auto pay method within 3 business days. Secondly, you'll receive an email on successful charge of your payment method and it will contain receipt information for your records. In addition, you'll also receive an email if the charge was unsuccessful and our billing team will be in contact with the primary billing contact to fix the issue.