My Account

gPanel / My Account 

My Account has a few user settings that can change the way certain information is displayed in gPanel. Each setting is detailed below:

Button settings

This setting determines whether or not buttons and other action items inside gPanel are shown as icons or words for their direct action(s). This will default to icons. To show text instead, toggle the slider to "Text" and the icons will change to text.



User management density display 

This setting determines how to display all of your users in User Management. This will default to show rich content. If "Compact" is selected, gPanel will show an more compact view of the User Management page. This may be helpful for those with larger user sets or on more metered connections because it can help load the page quickly. Think of this as a plain text view of the User Management portion.



User management layout

This setting determines the layout of User Management. With the User Management Layout set to "Pick list" you will get a more detailed view then the default view. This allows for actions to be taken straight from the list view versus fulling viewing each user profile. 


Pick list:

This view can also be adjusted straight from the User Management page using the icons below.