gPanel / Administration / Settings

The settings feature allows you to "brand" gPanel Data Security, Change your Global Administrator, and Change gPanel Data Security's reporting Time Zone.

Set a custom image

You can customize gPanel Data Security for your users by uploading a web hosted image. Your image will be displayed on the Domain Summary page. 

Please note that the maximum resolution for images is 500px by 50px ( 500 x 50 pixels). The image must also be a web hosted image, meaning that it can be viewed by anyone via shared URL.

To upload your image, copy the image URL into the upload box. 

You can preview the image by clicking Preview. The preview will be displayed on the right half of the screen. 

Or you can upload the image by clicking Save.

Change timezone

By default the timezone is set to UTC - 5 to if you need to change this click on the drop down menu and select your new timezone, once you have made your selection click Save.