Drive Explorer

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Drive Explorer is a powerful search and sharing tool for all the Google Drive items in your domain. You can search by user, see their documents, check sharing permissions,  add/remove shares and even change sharing permissions!

Search for a User

Upon entering the Drive Explorer module, you will be presented with a list of users in your domain. To explore a user's documents, simply find and click their name in the alphabetically-sorted list, or you can also search for a specific user. To search for a user, type their name in the search box and the typeahead (auto-complete) feature will start populating with the possible names. Click on the name that you wish to view from the typeahead box and then click the blue search button.

Drive Explorer View

Once you select a user to view, you will see their documents in the right hand pane.

The default view in Drive Explorer, My Drive, will take you to a view of the selected user's documents. From here you can view the title and type of the document, as well as the last modified date and who modified it.  

The No Parent view is for documents that can only be seen from your All Items folder in Drive.  

The Trashed view will show you documents in the user's Trash folder in Google Drive.

To select the next page of documents, scroll to the bottom and click the left or right arrow.

Edit Share

To edit the sharing permissions of a doc item, click the Edit Share button to the right of the correct document. You will see the Sharing Settings screen. From here you can add/remove shares and change sharing permissions just like you would in the native Google Drive.


It's Monday and you've just received a frantic call from your boss. They are on vacation and need you to share out a private document on their Google Workspace account to your CFO for review. Your boss hasn't shared out the document to anyone and will not allow for his password to be reset temporarily. So to accomplish your task you fire up gPanel Data Security and open the "Drive Explorer" feature. You find your bosses email in the user list and find the document that needs to be shared out, you click on "Edit Share" and add your CFO to the document and click on "Done". With your task completed you call your boss back letting them know they can get back to their vacation and to be sure to bring you back a t-shirt.