Create a Directory Sync

gPanel / Directory / Create a Directory Sync

A Directory Sync will synchronize your Directory contacts (i.e. users from your domain) into a contact group.

1. Navigate to Directory > Contact Sync. Then, click Add in the top right corner.

2. Enter the following information:

Once you've entered all information, click Next.

3. Now you need to select the source domain(s) that you wish to synchronize. A source domain is the domain who's set of directory contacts will be synced to the target users.

Click Next when you've added the source domain(s). 

4. Now you need to select the destination users. These are the users who will be receiving the contacts from the sync. They will not be able to edit or change the contacts. Destination users can be added based on the following sources:

Type the desired user, group, org unit, or domain in the search box and a list will appear. Click either Add All to add the entire list or Add Selected to pick and choose specific line items

Click Next when you've added the target users. 

5. The final step allows you to review your configuration choices. Select whether you'd like to run the contact sync immediately after you save it. By default this will be set to yes. 

6. After you're done reviewing, click Submit to create the contact sync.