Edit a Resource Calendar

gPanel / Calendars / Edit a Resource Calendar

How to edit a field

1. Hover over the field that you would like to edit, and click Edit

2. Enter your desired updates. Once you've made your changes, click Save

Below is an overview of each section.


This section contains basic information such as title, location, timezone, and description. 


This section is where you can share a calendar with other users or change the calendar's visibility level.

Add shares

1. Click Add People.

2. Choose whether you want to add a User or a Group by selecting the icon next to the search bar.

3. Enter the email address of the user or group in the search bar. A list will appear of options, select the desired user or group.

4. Choose the role from the drop-down menu.

5. Click Save.

Remove shares

1. Click the X next to the user or group you'd like to remove.

Change roles

1. Select the new role from the dropdown next to their email.


The history section allows you to view, filter, and export logs of actions taken on the selected calendar. Please notes that these logs are actions taken in gPanel. For example, you can run a search to see which users have removed shares, updated visibility, etc.

The default settings are set to view all actions taken on the resource calendar today. If you'd like to change the filters, follow the instructions below.

1. Click Search or add filter

2. A list of filter types will appear. Select the type of filter you wish to use. 

3. For each filter type, there are different parameters that you can set. For example, if you select the Start Date filter type, select the start date from the calendar drop-down. Once you've set parameters, click Apply. The filter will then be displayed in the filter list.

To remove a filter, click the X next to it. 

To clear all filters, click Clear filters. This will only appear after you search.

4. Once you have entered all your desired search filters, click Search. The results will be displayed in the table below the search bar.