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We know getting the Google Admin console set up seems like a tedious task, but it's easier than you think. The Google Admin console allows you to manage Google Workspace for your organization. With features like Google Workspace configuration, user and group administration, and custom roles, Google's Admin console is a useful tool for your school or business. We're going to walk you through initial Admin console set up and your first log in.

Getting Started with the Admin Console

Sign in to the Admin Console

To access the Admin console, go to Starting from the sign-in page, enter an administrator account name and password. An administrator account has privileges to manage services for other people in your organization. You can only sign-in to the Admin console with an administrator account. If you don't have access to an administrator account, get help from someone else who does. For example, this could be someone in IT or tech support at your organization.

If you see a list of Google accounts on the sign-in page, be sure to choose the administrator account (does not end in

Admin account shown on Google sign in

Launch the Admin Console Set Up Wizard

The next step is to launch the Admin console set up wizard. Click Admin Console setup. The setup wizard walks you through all the steps of setting up the Admin console.

You'll get a prompt to add users to your account and give them an email address at your domain (like (If you don't have any users other than yourself, you can skip this step. To do that, select the option that says "No, it's just me".)

Follow the steps to verify that you own your domain. You get a verification code to add to your website or your domain settings.

Next, you can change your MX records at your domain host to start using Gmail.

Need help with verification and Gmail setup (MX records)?


MX records

Explore the Features

Congratulations! Now that you have completed all the steps in the setup wizard, you have successfully set up the Google Admin console for your organization. Now that you have finished the initial Admin console set up, there are many different features you can explore. It can be a little overwhelming so we created a beginner's guide to the Google Admin console to help you understand everything. Also be sure to check out our Admin console best practices for education and business to learn what we recommend for your settings.

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