How To Deploy an Application to a Chrome Kiosk

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1. In the Google Admin Console, click Devices > Chrome devices

2. Then, click the dropdown and choose Apps & extensions.

Apps and extensions dropdown in Chrome devices management section of the Google Admin Console

3. On the left, select the organizational unit where you want to configure settings. For all users, select the top-level organization. Otherwise, select a child organization. Initially, an organizational unit inherits the settings of its parent.

4. Click Kiosks.

Kiosks selected in Chrome device apps and extensions management in the Google Admin Console

5. Click Add and choose Add from Chrome Web Store, Add Chrome app or extension by ID, or Add by URL.

Add Chrome app icons in the Google Admin Console

6. Search for the app that you want to deploy and click Select.

7. If prompted, accept the app permissions on behalf of your organization.

8. In the panel on the right, set the app and extension policies.

9. Click Save.