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What is a Chrome license?

This is one of the most common Chrome license FAQs we see. Chrome licenses allow you to configure settings and enforce policies across your fleet of Chrome devices. One of the biggest benefits of a Chrome license is that it allows you to manage all your devices remotely without having to physically touch them.

Please note that you may also see Chrome licenses referred to as Chrome Enterprise Upgrades, Chrome Education Upgrades or Chrome Non-Profit Upgrades. Even though the names are different, they are the exact same thing. 

Which Chrome license do I need?

Business organizations can either purchase a Chrome Enterprise Annual Plan or a Chrome Enterprise Perpetual Plan.

Education organizations with Workspace for Education have to purchase the Chrome for Education Perpetual Plan.

Accredited non-profit organizations with Google Workspace have to purchase the Chrome for Non-Profit Perpetual Plan.

What is the difference between a perpetual and annual plan?

Annual licenses are billed annually which means you pay once a year for your Chrome licenses.

Perpetual licenses cover the lifespan of the device which means you don't have to renew the license.

What happens after I purchase a Chrome license?

You can expect your license(s)/upgrade(s) to be provisioned by Google and show up in your Admin Console under Devices. If there are no issues with the provided information, this can happen in less than 24 hours. However, if there are any issues, this could be pushed to a maximum of two to five business days. 

Once you have your Chrome licenses, you can enroll your devices in your domain. Check out this quick guide that explains how to enroll Chrome devices in your domain

We hope these answers to Chrome license FAQs help you out. If you have any further questions or would like to talk to a Chrome Enterprise specialist, please email or call 888-380-1061.