What is Sandboxing in Chrome OS?

What is sandboxing in ChromeOS?

Sandboxing is the process of running individual websites and web applications as their own independent processes. Think of it like a layer of protection that helps guard against phishing and malware, so you can have peace of mind when it comes to your online security. Sandboxing is a part of ChromeOS, but more importantly all Google Chrome browsers.

All Google Chrome browsers have sandboxing enabled by default, one of the many benefits of using ChromeOS. If security threats occur, sandboxing restricts them to the website or application they originated in. Basically, the security threat is now in a "sandbox" and can't go any further on your device. This prevents further damage to your browser and your computer. All you have to do is simply close the browser where the threat is located.

Another huge benefit of sandboxing in ChromeOS is how it handles some of the most popular web plug-ins. One of the most used web plug-ins is Adobe Flash Player. Adobe Flash Player is used for tons of online material, such as videos and browser games. Another popular use of web plug-ins is the ability to view PDF documents online. Because these plug-ins are so popular, they are frequently downloaded and installed on our browsers and machines.

However, something that doesn’t occur frequently are updates for said plug-ins. Instead of automatically updating, the new version of the plug-in releases and gets downloaded just like before. Out of date plug-ins can create known security vulnerabilities, putting you as a user at a high security risk. That’s why Adobe Flash and PDF functionality is part of sandboxing with Google Chrome, including it’s automatic updates to ensure you have the newest software available.

Sandboxing is one of the many reasons security is easy with ChromeOS. Next, learn what verified boot is in ChromeOS and how to purchase Chrome licenses.

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