What is a Chromebook?

What IS a Chromebook? Maybe you've never gotten to use a Chromebook or you've never even heard of a Chromebook. Here’s the lowdown on what a Chromebook is and why we love them so much. There are three basic aspects of Chromebooks that set them apart from other laptops, and those are speed, simplicity, and security.

Chromebook Speed

When it comes to speed, Chromebooks are unmatched. These devices boot up fast and update without interruption, so they're always working at peak performance. You’ll never lose a moment of productivity to a slow start. Whether you’re answering an urgent email, taking notes in class, or just relaxing at home, just open it up and get going. ChromeOS is designed to be fast and responsive, so your device reacts quickly even when you’re streaming videos or have multiple tabs and apps open.

ChromeOS updates automatically and without interruptions, so your Chromebook is always running the latest and greatest software without breaking your work flow. There are other great features like Smart Lock which aid your speed, allowing you to use your Android phone to unlock your Chromebook without touching the keyboard, so you can switch between devices without missing a beat.

Chromebook Simplicity

Chrome devices make your productivity simpler than ever. If you have a Google account you’re ready to go! Just log in with your Google account upon turning on the device, and your Chrome settings, Gmail, Drive account, and more will be immediately available to you. You’ll also have instant access to things like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides—so you’ll never have to worry about downloading Office programs again.

Need to edit some photos? Your Chromebook is ready for that. Want to watch some media or listen to some music? It's ready for that too. Are these built-in features not enough? You’ll also have access to the Google Play Store, giving you access to an insanely large suite of Android applications that you can now use without issue on your Chrome devices.

Chromebook Security

Chrome devices and ChromeOS also offer unparalleled security. From the moment you open your Chromebook, you’re protected by multiple layers of security to defend against malware and viruses. Every Chromebook is built with a Google Security Chip, which encrypts and protects your most sensitive on-device data. Sandboxing separates the important functions of your Chromebook. That way, if you encounter malware in one program, it stays contained and quarantined.

Chromebooks support multiple accounts, so you always have your own space—even on a shared computer. With a simple login, all your apps, preferences, settings and files are ready and waiting for you. Lastly, Chromebooks go through a verified boot process when they start up and automatically revert to a prior version if they detect anything unsafe.

As you can see, Chromebooks are a perfect solution for any organization. Their speed and simplicity guarantees that you will never lose a moment of productivity. Their security ensures that your data is always safe and protected, no matter what. We are sure you're going to love Chromebooks just as much as we do.

Chromebooks and Promevo

As a Google Partner, Promevo takes a holistic approach to your Google life. From Chrome device solutions to Google Workspace management solutions—Promevo partners with you to ensure your success in your Google journey.

You can shop Chromebooks on our online store or get in contact with one of our sales advisors if you have more questions! If you need additional support or training, we are here for you. All Promevo customers get free support from our Google certified specialists. You can search our Knowledge Base, talk to our support team, or even schedule free training.