How To Print with Google Cloud Print

Print files from your computer

  1. Visit the Google Cloud Print management page.
  2. Click Print button. Print button
  3. Press Upload file to print, then Select a file from my computer.Print button: upload file to print dropdown
  4. Select a file and click Open.
  5. Choose your printer and click Print.

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Print with Google Chrome

  1. In the top right of your browser, click More .
  2. Select Print.Print in Chrome browser print option
  3. In the Destination section, click Change.Choose your printing destination with Google Cloud Print
  4. Choose your printer and click Print.

Google Cloud Print also lets you print from some applications the same way you print to local printers.

If you are a Chromebook admin for your organization, learn more about configuring printers in the Chromebook Help Center.


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