How To Set Up Auto Pay & Manage Payment Methods for G Suite

***Before you begin, you must be an admin in gPanel to set up auto pay.

1. Go to gPanel. (You can access gPanel from or by clicking the application menu in your G Suite account and choosing gPanel which should be located towards the bottom of the pop-out).

  • If you don’t have gPanel, you can install it from the G Suite Marketplace. You get gPanel for free if you purchase G Suite from Promevo. Read this article to learn how to install gPanel on your domain.
  • If you don’t know what gPanel is, you can read more here:


2. On the left side navigation, hover over the dollar sign and click billing. If you do not see a menu like the one below, you may be currently set as a “User” within gPanel. If that’s the case, you’ll need to ask your domain administrator for access to gPanel.


3. You will be taken to the subscriptions page. This will show you details about your G Suite subscriptions and will be the billing home page.


4. Go to the subscription you would like to set up auto pay for and click actions then click access billing account.


5. You will be taken to the billing details. On this screen, you can choose to manage payment methods or manage settings. The settings page contains details about your business. At the bottom of the settings page are payment contacts. These are the billing contacts that will receive invoices and details about your invoices and payments. If you need to add a contact or remove a contact, you can do that from this page.


6. Click manage payment methods.


7. This payment methods screen is where you can add, remove, and edit all your payment methods. You can add as many payment methods are you would like. If you have your preferred payment method already saved, you can skip ahead to step 10.


8. Click add payment method to add a new method.


9. From here, you can add your preferred payment method.

Set Up Auto Pay


10. After you add a payment method, it will show up on your payment methods screen. To set a credit card/bank account as auto pay, click on the drop down in the left corner of the card and select auto pay.

Set Up Auto Pay


11. The terms and conditions will pop up. Click the agree checkbox and click confirm. You will also get an email that contains a PDF copy of this agreement.

Set Up Auto Pay


12. Now this payment method is your auto pay payment method. You will get two notification emails each month. One on your bill date that notifies you that you have a new invoice and that this invoice will be paid via your auto pay method within 3 business days. The second email will be sent on successful charge of your payment method and contain receipt information for your records. You’ll also receive an email if the charge was unsuccessful and our billing team will be in contact with the primary billing contact to fix the issue.



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