Intro to Chrome Digital Signage

Digital signage is a great way to promote your brand and get information quickly to customers. With Chrome, you can efficiently and remotely manage and update your signs. Here’s what you need to begin.

What can I use digital signage for?

Common use cases for education

  • School announcements
  • Cafeteria menus
  • School entrance signs
  • Event calendars

Common use cases for businesses

  • Store menus
  • Advertising
  • Live internal dashboards
  • YouTube videos or playlists
  • Google presentations

How do I deploy digital signage?

Chrome digital signage is easy to deploy, but you will need a few pieces of hardware and software. Here’s what you need to get started.


  • A display: This is the screen you want your videos, slides, and images to show up on. You can make both touchscreen and non-touchscreen displays into digital signs. The screen display should have a 1080p output over HDMI and DisplayPort access.
  • A Chrome device: You have a couple different options on which Chrome device you want to use to control your digital signage. Here is what we recommend:
    • Chromebox: A Chromebox runs the same OS a Chromebook does, and you can upgrade its RAM. One advantage Chromeboxes have over Chromebits is that most of them have higher RAM and storage than a Chromebit.Chromebox for Digital Signage


For software, you need a Chrome license and a Chrome kiosk app:

  • Chrome Enterprise Upgrade (one per Chrome device): This will allow you to use the Chrome operating system on the device. To purchase Chrome Enterprise Upgrades, contact us by email or call (888) 380-1061.
  • Chrome kiosk app: You can use a Chrome kiosk app you create or a Chrome kiosk app from the Chrome Web Store. A popular kiosk app for digital signage is Chrome Sign Builder and we will walk you through how to use this app in the next article. To download Chrome Sign Builder click here.

Once you have all your hardware and software, you’ll be able to enroll your device into your domain and then start using the Chrome Signage Builder.

If you found this helpful, check out how to use Chrome sign builder for digital signage.



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