How To Complete a Calendar Transfer in gPanel

Calendar Transfer will transfer all non-private future events with at least 1 guest or resource from one user to another.

You will find the Calendar Transfer feature in the Calendars section of gPanel.

1. Navigate to Calendars and select a user.

Calendars Navigation in gPanel

2. Once you select a user, click the Transfer Calendars icon at the top right corner of the page.

Transfer Calendars Icon in gPanel

3. Once you click on the Transfer Calendars icon, you will see the Transfer Ownership popup and it will have the original user’s email address pre-filled based on which user you have selected in Calendars.

Transfer Calendars Popup in gPanel

4. Fill in the “New User” section with the email address of the user you would like the Calendar events to be transferred to. Click Transfer.

5. Once you click Transfer, the events from the original user will begin transferring over to the new user.

6. Once the transfer is complete, the new user will see a calendar in their Google Calendar under “My Calendars” titled “Transferred from [previous user’s email address]”. The original user’s events will show up on the new user’s primary calendar view as a different color. The original user will be able to turn off and on the view of the events by checking and unchecking the box next to the transferred calendar.

Transferred Calendar on User's Calendar

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