How to Use an Unlicensed Chrome Device

With Chrome Enterprise, it’s not unlikely to have a large amount of Chrome devices in your domain. Because of their popularity and efficiency, IT Managers around the world are getting new users into their company’s Chrome ecosystem everyday. Today we’re talking about an issue that is more common than you think! Here’s what to do when you come across a Chrome device without a management license.

Maybe you manage your company’s Chrome fleet and you bought a new Chrome device off a site like Amazon. This device wouldn’t have come with a management license because they’re only able to be purchased from authorized partners of Google. Maybe you decided to give a new user an older, deprovisioned Chrome device that may not have a license after it left the hands of its last owner. No matter the situation, we’ve got you covered!

Pro Tip: We recommend wiping the Chrome device – or devices – that you wish to enroll in your domain, because devices must be enrolled before anyone signs into them. It’s better to guarantee that the device has been wiped of all local user data instead of finding out later that a user logged in, only to have to start all over- wasting precious time in the process. Click here to learn how to wipe a Chromebox device!

Wiping the Device

However, for those with Chromebooks, begin by powering down the device. Then, simultaneously press the Escape, Refresh, and Power keys.

This will bring up a menu with a yellow exclamation point. You can follow the remaining on-screen prompts to complete the device-wiping process.

How to Enroll the Device

Now that you’ve wiped your device, you’ll need management licenses for all of the devices that you’re going to enroll. As an approved Google Partner, Promevo has the ability to not only bring you these helpful resources, but also take care of all your Google needs.

Whether you’d like to purchase from our online shop or through our complete management solution, gPanel, Promevo is here to assist you! You can reach out by emailing or by calling 888-380-1061 to speak to someone immediately.

Now that we’ve wiped out devices and we’ve purchased our licenses, all that’s left to do is enroll the device.

From a powered off state, turn on the Chrome device and follow the on-screen instructions until you see the Sign-In screen.

From here, press the ctrl + alt + e keys to be taken to the enrollments screen.

You will need one of the following to proceed from the Enterprise enrollment screen:

  • A Google account that is eligible for enrollment
  • The username and password from your Google Admin welcome letter

Finally, continue until you receive a confirmation message stating that the device has been successfully enrolled.

And there you have it! That’s how you enroll a Chrome Device without a license. No matter the situation, Promevo’s got you covered every step of the way on your Google journey!



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