How To Powerwash Your Chromebook

Want to know how to Powerwash your Chromebook? We’ll tell you!

Whether it’s due to a change in ownership of the device, or you just want your Chromebook to feel factory-fresh, one of the many great features of Chrome OS is the ability to Powerwash. With Powerwash, you as a Chrome OS user have two easy ways to factory reset your device, ensuring all information and files are erased from the Chromebook’s hard drive.

There are two ways to Powerwash: Using shortcut keys or by using the Chrome OS Settings menu.

*Please note that the Google account that signs into the Chromebook after Powerwashing will be considered the new owner, so make sure you login with the appropriate account.

Powerwash by using shortcut keys

1. Begin by signing out of your Chromebook.

2. Press and hold the following keys; Ctrl + Alt + Shift + r .

Chromebook factory reset

3. Select the Restart option.

Chromebook factory reset

4. A box will appear, and from here you can select Powerwash, followed by Continue.

Chromebook factory reset

5. Prompts will appear onscreen and after completing the steps, you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Google account.

Powerwash by using Chrome OS Settings menu 

1. While signed into your Chromebook, click on the taskbar in the lower right hand corner, followed by the settings icon.

chromebook powerwash

2. From the settings pop-up window, scroll to the bottom until you see Advanced.

chromebook powerwash

3. This will expand the pop-up, and after scrolling further you will see a section labeled Reset settings.

chromebook powerwash

4. Select the Powerwash option within this category, followed by Restart.

powerwash chromebook

5. Your Chromebook will reboot, and will go through the prompts as mentioned in the shortcut key process.


And there you have it! Powerwashing is a simple, effective way to revert your Chromebook to factory settings and prepare it for a new employee, kiosk, or whatever your business might need it for! If you would like to learn more about Chromebooks, like how to take a screenshot on a Chromebook or how to enroll a Chrome device in your domain, check out our Knowledge Base.



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