How To Livestream Using Google Hangouts

If you use Google Meet and Google Calendar for work or school, you can add view-only live streaming to an event for up to 100,000 people. A livestream using Google Hangouts can help with training, conferences, and more! Through September 30, 2020, G Suite customers can use advanced Google Meet video conference features, such as larger meetings (up to 250 participants), live streaming, and recording.

Why would you want to livestream?

Here are some examples:

  • You could save time and money on travel by training all new staff remotely.
  • You can use this to allow people to participate in conferences and other events they can’t physically attend.
  • You could host an organization-wide all-hands video meeting with multiple presenters, where other guests are view-only.

Who can view livestream meetings?

Only guests within your organization can view a live stream from your organization. Full participants within your organization can stop and start the stream during the meeting, and record the event. Guests who join to view-only cannot participate in the meeting or control streaming and recording. However, through September 30th, 2020 these restrictions are lifted for accounts so that you can invite anyone.


There are two things you need to do to create a livestream using Google Hangouts and they are separated into two sections below. Keep reading to get started with your livestream using Google Hangouts!

How to Create a Livestream Event

1. Open Google Calendar.

2. Click the Create Event button.
Create Event in Google Calendar

3. Click More Options.
More Event Creation Options Button

4. Enter the event details such as date, time, and description.

5. Add the presenters or guests that can fully participate in the video meeting. This is NOT your audience. You can add up to 250 participants. All guests that you add to this event can be seen, heard, and present their screen. To be incredibly clear, use this event to invite the speakers for your organization’s all-hands meeting. People from other organizations can be added, but only people in your organization can record and control streaming.

6. Click the “Add conferencing” dropdown and choose Google Meet.
Add Video Conferencing to an Event on Google Calendars

7. Click the arrow next to “Join with Google Meet.” This should expand the video conferencing details and will have a button that says “Add live stream.”
Video Conferencing Details Google Calendar

8. Click “Add live stream.”
Add Live Stream Button Google Calendar

9. Save the event. Now you need to create an view-only event for your audience.

How to Invite View-Only Guests to your Livestream

To invite specific people to the view-only live stream, create a view-only event. The event is added to their Calendar and includes the link for view-only guests. You can add up to 100,000 view-only guests.

People invited to this event are not seen or heard in the meeting, and cannot present, record or control streaming. They are simply audience members.

1. Open Google Calendar.

2. Click the livestream event that you just created.
Livestream Event Example on Google Calendar

3. Click “Edit event.”
Edit Google Calendar Event

4. At the top, click “More Actions” and then click “Create view-only event.”
Create View-Only Event Google Calendar

5. Add guests, rooms, and other details to the event.

6. Save the event and send the invite to guests.

Yay! You’ve created a livestream using Google Hangouts and invited view-only guests. Check out other Google Hangouts tips here.

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