How To Factory Reset Your Chromebox

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to factory reset a Chromebox. We’re here to show you how simple it is! In order to factory reset your Chromebox, you’ll need your most basic computer supplies (computer, keyboard, mouse) and a paperclip. Start with the Chromebox powered on.

    1. Power off the Chromebox. Once powered off, your computer screen should go black.
    2. Insert the paper clip into the small hole on the side of the Chromebox. There are two holes, the reset hole and a Kensington Lock Slot. The smaller one is the hole you want to go for.

How to Factory Resset Your Chromebox - Pin hole

  1. Press and hold both the power and reset buttons. Keep the paperclip inserted in the Chromebox and hold the power button until your computer screen turns back on.
  2. Press Ctrl + D on your keyboard. Once your screen turns back on, press Ctrl + D.
  3. Put the paper clip back into the reset button once. Your screen will go black for a second after you do this, and then it will turn back on and show a small red X and the words “OS verification is OFF.”
  4. Press the space-bar, and then press Enter on your keyboard. Your screen should show a green check mark with the words “OS verification is ON.”

From there the system should reboot and clear everything on the box. It’s that easy to factory rest your Chromebox!



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