How to Enable Premium Features in Google Workspace

Through September 30, 2020 Google Workspace customers can use advanced Google Hangouts Meet features, including larger meetings with up to 250 participants, live streaming to up to 100,000 viewers, and the ability to record and save meetings you have to Google Drive. Normally these features are reserved for Google Workspace Enterprise users, but different times call for different measures and staying virtually connected with family and friends is one of the many ways we’re overcoming the challenges of COVID-19.

Now while Google has made these additional features available for all Google Workspace customers, they might not actually be enabled for use in your domain’s Google Admin console. Not to worry though, because that’s why we made this help article!

How to Enable Premium Features in Google Workspace

1. Let’s start by going to and logging in with an account that has administrator access.

2. From the homepage, select the Apps icon.

Apps Icon in Google Admin Console

3. Select the G Suite core services tile.

G Suite Core Services in Google Admin Console

4. Your G Suite apps selection may differ from what you see on screen depending on your organization, but scroll until you see Hangouts Meet and Google Hangouts. Click this to open the settings page for Google Meet and Hangouts.

Hangouts Meet and Google Hangouts Selection

5. Begin by ensuring that this service is on for everyone. If the service status is not on for everyone, simply click anywhere on the service status tile to expand the menu, select ON for everyone, and click save. Please be aware though that if Hangouts was off for everyone, that it may take up to 24 hours for this service to propagate to all users after enabling.

Service Status for Hangouts Meet in Google Admin Console

6. After you’ve ensured that the service is ON for everyone, you can enable the premium features. Click on Meet Video Settings, which will expand all settings options.

Meet Video Settings in Google Admin Console

7. First, let’s confirm that video calling is enabled. Clicking the pencil icon will allow you to make changes and if the only box in this section is checked, enable it and click the save icon. Again, this change and all changes made may take up to 24 hours to proapgate for all users. You can confirm this setting is enabled as it will show “Applied to” followed by your domain below each option.

Video Calling Settings in Google Admin Console

8. Now that you’ve ensured users can video call, you can enable other features. If you’d like to enable users to be able to record their meetings to the Google Drive of the meeting owner or live stream their meetings with up to 100,000 viewers, you can turn on each of these respectively. Just remember to click that save button after any changes.

Enable Premium Features in Google Admin Console


Congrats! Now you have enabled premium features for Google Workspace. Want more Google Workspace help? Check out these articles.


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