How to Delete a User in gPanel

You can delete a single user or multiple users in gPanel. This guide will show you how to do both.

1. On the left side navigation, hover over the user icon and click User Management.

User Management Hover gPanel

2. A list of all your users will appear. Click on the user that you would like to remove. If you would like to delete multiple users, select the users, click Actions in the upper right hand corner, and click Delete Users.

Delete Multiple Users gPanel

3. You should now see that user in single user view. In the upper right hand corner, click on the Delete User button.

Delete User Button gPanel

4. A window will appear and prompt you to confirm the user deletion.

Delete User gPanel Window

You’ll see an option to select “Make username immediately reusable.” If you allow gPanel to rename the account before you delete it, the username that you just deleted can be immediately used elsewhere.
Please note that recreating a new user account too soon can result in the incomplete deletion of a the user’s documents, calendars, sites, and other files. To make the username immediately reusable, check the corresponding option. This will display the New Email field where you can rename the user to be removed. By default, gPanel will rename the account with a randomized email address.

For example, you may be deleting a user named John Doe but you are replacing him with another user named John Doe. The make username immediately reusable option will allow you to place the original John Doe’s username with randomized username so the new John Doe can use his name.

5. Select all three checkboxes at the bottom to confirm that you understand the impact of deleting the user’s account. You will not be able to proceed until you’ve checked all three of these boxes.

6. Click Remove User.

There you have it! Deleting users is as easy as can be through gPanel, allowing you to effectively manage your employees, both current and past. If you would like to learn more about gPanel, like how to add a user or how to set up G Suite license count notifications, check out our Knowledge Base.



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