How To Bulk Upload Users in gPanel

You can now bulk upload users in gPanel. This will allow you to add multiple users from a Google Sheet. A few things to note before beginning:

  • This process can only be run once. If the process fails, you will need to start over.
  • The same sheet cannot be used more than once. For every Bulk Upload User operation you wish to complete, you will need to create a new spreadsheet and a new Bulk Operation.

1. To get started, go to Tools and click Bulk Operations.

Tools > Bulk Operations in gPanel Navigation


2. Click the + icon in the top right corner.

Create New Bulk Operation in gPanel


3. Give the operation a name and description. Then select Bulk Upload Users from the dropdown menu. Once this is done, click Next.

Setup Bulk Operation Dialogue in gPanel


4. Next, you will need to select a Google Sheet from your Google Drive.

The sheet must contain these column headers: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Password, and Org Unit Path. Below is an example of how the sheet should be set up.

Bulk Upload Users Sheet Example


5. Once you have your Google Sheet set up, click Select File.

Select Spreadsheet for Bulk Upload in gPanel


6. Select the spreadsheet you are wanting to use and click Select.

Select a File Popup for gPanel Bulk Upload Users


7. Click Next.


8. In the review section, you have the option to send a notification on completion. If you would like to do this, check the box next to “Send email notifications on completion?” Enter the user that you want to notify and click the + icon to add them. You can add multiple users to the notification list. If you do not want to send a notification on completion, leave the box unchecked.

Send Email Notifications on Completion in gPanel


9. Once you have reviewed everything, click Submit at the bottom of the page.


10. The Bulk Operation is now running. A popup box will appear notifying you that the Bulk Operation has been saved.

Bulk Operation Saved Popup in gPanel


11. The popup also includes a link to the Google Sheet that you uploaded. If you click on the “here” link, the sheet will open and you will be able to see that status of the operation. If you see any errors, you can open the Errored Rows tab at the bottom of the sheet to find what the error(s) are.

Errored Rows in Bulk Upload Users Sheet


12. You will also see a notification in the top right corner of gPanel telling you that the process has been completed. The message will also notify you of any errors.




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