How To Allow Outside Users to Join your Google Hangout Chat

Have you ever needed to have a Google Hangout chat with users outside your domain? This happens more than you might think but enabling this setting is quick and easy! In order to allow users outside your domain to join a Google Hangout chat with users in your organization, you must be the system admin for your domain.

1. From the Admin console home page, click on Apps.

Google Admin console apps button on homepage

2. Click G Suite.

G Suite settings button in Google admin console app settings

3. Click Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts settings on G Suite apps list in Google Admin console

4. Click Chat Settings.

Google Hangouts chat settings in Google Admin console

5. Click External Chat Settings.

Google Hangouts external chat settings in the Google Admin console

6. Click Chat externally.

Google Hangouts chat externally setting configuration in Google Admin console

7. Select the On option that says “Users can send messages outside.”

Chat externally setting turned on in Google Admin console

8. Click Save. Please note, this feature may take up to 24 hours to propagate for all users after enabling.

Save button in the Google Admin console

Now your users can chat with people outside of your domain in Google Hangouts chat.

If you would like to learn more about Google Meet, like how to assign a resource to a device in the Admin console or how to make a call from a Hangout, check out our Knowledge Base.

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