How To Add G Suite Licenses

How to Add G Suite Licenses

*Please note that this feature is not available if you are on a flex plan. If you are on a flex plan and need more licenses, you need to add more users. A license will be automatically added for the users created.

1. Go to gPanel. (You can access gPanel from or by clicking the application menu in your G Suite account and choosing gPanel which should be located towards the bottom of the pop-out).

  • If you don’t have gPanel, you can install it from the G Suite Marketplace. You get gPanel for free if you purchase G Suite from Promevo. Read this article to learn how to install gPanel on your domain.
  • If you don’t know what gPanel is, you can read more here:


2. On the left side navigation, hover over the dollar sign and click billing. If you do not see a menu like the one below, you may be currently set as a “User” within gPanel. If that’s the case, you’ll need to ask your domain administrator for access to gPanel.


3. This takes you to the subscriptions page. This will show you details about your G Suite subscriptions and will be the billing home page.


4. Find the subscription that you would like to add licenses to and click anywhere in the white box.


5. Once you click anywhere in the white box, the subscription details will open. Click add licenses.


6. Enter the amount of licenses you would like to add and click continue.

Add G Suite Licenses


7. Depending on your plan, you will be taken to a payment methods page. Select your preferred payment method for these additional licenses and click continue.

Add G Suite Licenses


8. Review your order of additional licenses and click confirm.



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