gPanel Tools Overview

Being efficient in your work environment should be a priority. Automation can help you stay on top of daily tasks while the rest of your jobs are completed behind the scenes hands-free. Today we’re going to introduce you to tools through gPanel. The Tools module is gPanel’s secret sauce to help you stay on top of your daily tasks!

This video will give you an overview of gPanel tools, and will teach you about some of gPanel’s essential Tools such as:

  • Automatic, customizable policies.
  • Signature templates.
  • Bulk operations to perform actions on multiple groups, shared contacts, and user profiles.
  • Gmail export tool to audit and download a user’s mailbox.
  • Account decommissioning.
  • Gmail deletion.

gPanel is a complete management solution from Promevo. gPanel is free to Promevo G Suite customers, but if you’re not a G Suite customer with Promevo you can still purchase gPanel from the G Suite marketplace.



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