Google Solutions Make Global Team Management a Breeze for Essence

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At Promevo, we love providing solutions to our customers through the use of Google products. With Essence, we introduced them to the world of G Suite, G Suite Meeting Solutions, and Chrome Enterprise. After helping them out, we sat down with Colin McCarthy, Essence’s VP of Global IT, to discuss his experience with G Suite, G Suite Meeting Solutions, and Chrome Enterprise.

How Essence Puts Value Into Marketing

Essence is a global data and measurement-driven media agency that works to make advertising more valuable to the world. The company has around 2,000 employees in 20 different offices, and works with companies such as Target, NBC Universal, Google, and more. Colin McCarthy, the VP of Global IT, manages an IT team of 20 who are spread throughout the globe. Their primary goal is making IT as seamless as possible. They aim to make working with their IT systems fault free, so there’s never a barrier to getting work done.

The company utilizes many Google solutions—including Chrome Enterprise, Hangouts Meet Hardware, and Promevo’s G Suite management software, gPanel. The main product that is used by every employee at Essence is G Suite. The company heavily relies on G Suite to help manage and unite their different locations. Since Essence discovered G Suite in 2009, they haven’t looked back.

“G Suite is very much ingrained in how Essence operates and collaborates.”
—Colin McCarthy, VP of Global IT, Essence

Why Move to G Suite?

Essence’s switch to G Suite came at a time when the company had outgrown its Microsoft Small Business Server and was considering Exchange. While at the time they were a small company, they had plans and ambition to expand globally. They knew they needed a solution that would scale at a low cost and allow them to effectively work with clients and internal teams. Thankfully these founders were very forward thinking because they knew Exchange would be costly to manage, restrict growth, and potentially be a single point of failure. So Essence decided to take the leap and adopted G Suite, previously known as “Google Apps for Business,” which had only been out for a few years in 2009.

Colin believes that if Essence had not adopted G Suite and collaborative working, the company would not have been able to expand and grow as quickly as it has.

Promevo to the Rescue

Colin originally found Promevo on the Google Apps Marketplace. He needed a company that offered migration services and at the time, the pickings were slim. There weren’t many companies providing additional service and support for Google Apps in 2011. Promevo stood out because of our G Suite management software, gPanel, which makes G Suite management a breeze. After speaking to Aaron Gumz, Promevo’s Managing Partner, and the Promevo team, Colin was confident in Promevo’s understanding of the platform and had great faith in their abilities.

“G Suite has enabled Essence to focus on business growth, not on installing file servers and patching Exchange.”
—Colin McCarthy, VP of Global IT, Essence

Google Solutions in Action

Essence also has a growing number of Chromebooks available to employees. Some use them as a dedicated device, and others use them as a quick replacement when there is an IT issue with a regular laptop. The IT Support team used to take a lot of time setting up and issuing a corporate configured machine when it was only needed for a short amount of time. Deploying Grab and Go— Google’s self-service Chromebook program—has not only solved this problem, but has provided the end-user with a secure device they can access quickly and can be centrally controlled by IT. Essence prefers Chromebooks and Chrome Enterprise because of the speed of booting and restarting after an update, the enhanced security, and the overall focus on providing a perfect browser with access to G Suite.

G Suite Meeting Solutions have also become a vital part of the company—“the number one relied upon feature” as stated by Colin. Everyone uses Hangouts Meet Hardware at the company—from the Global CEO to the newest intern. Globally, Essence has over 150 meeting rooms equipped for Hangouts Meet calls. Whether it’s client calls or offices collaborating with each other, these meeting rooms are constantly in use. According to Colin, their users are much more likely to jump on a quick call than to go back and forth in an email thread. Had they not switched to G Suite Meeting Solutions, Essence would have had to invest in an expensive inflexible solution, or carry on with a system they cobbled together themselves.

Essence has also used gPanel, Promevo’s G Suite management solution, to manage their domain, and it’s currently being used to manage another domain they own.

[G Suite Meeting Solutions] setup is so easy it was done by our local IT teams or, in some offices, by the Office Manager.”
—Colin McCarthy, VP of Global IT, Essence

Growing Faster & Stronger

For Essence, the best part of G Suite and other Google solutions is the world class collaboration features that they don’t have to maintain. It would be complex and difficult to provide the functionality of G Suite on their own supported hardware, and would involve a costly IT network and support team.

Using G Suite in such a large business isn’t always seamless, however. Essence has occasionally bought other agencies, and some of the users from these agencies have struggled with G Suite after using Outlook for so long. Essence worked through this with the simplest solution: training. They trained and worked with these users to understand their old Outlook workflow, and to help them reproduce it in G Suite. At the same time, they would show them all the additional features of G Suite, such as collaborating on a Google Sheet in real time rather than emailing an Excel spreadsheet back and forth.

Essence has clearly been impressed with the assistance they get from Promevo. Powered by Google Solutions, Essence is truly living out their goal of being a global company and will continue to grow in the future.

“G Suite has given us the ability to scale quickly and to run on a very secure platform. The collaboration capabilities have certainly helped our competitive edge… That speed of collaboration can’t happen when people are sending attachments back and forth with different version numbers, or comments/suggestions are lost in an email thread.”
—Colin McCarthy, VP of Global IT, Essence

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