Google Hangouts Etiquette Tips

Now that we’ve covered the very basics of Google Hangouts, let’s talk about a few Google Hangouts etiquette tips that you should consider before joining a video call. These tips will help you succeed on any Google Hangouts video call.

Google Hangouts Etiquette Tip #1: Mute Yourself

Microphone Button Google Hangouts

The microphone button is your friend. If you’re in a large hangout with multiple people, EVERYONE should have their mic muted except for when they’re speaking. This will overall cut down on the noise on the call for everyone. Just keep yourself muted until you want to add to the conversation.

Google Hangouts Etiquette Tip #2: Check Your Surroundings

Next, you should always double check your surroundings before getting into a video call. Make sure you didn’t leave out anything weird from your personal life that could cause potential strife at work or even on a personal level. If you worried that your background isn’t professional enough for a video call, you can turn your camera off and just have your microphone on for the call.

Google Hangouts Etiquette Tip #3: Beware of Sharing Your Screen

Lastly, the Share Screen feature is great, but it can also be a little too powerful. Share Screen shows the entirety of your screen to everyone in your Hangout. Before you share your screen you should double check open browser tabs, other applications, or literally anything else you’re doing on your computer because everyone will see it.

Now you’re a Google Hangouts etiquette pro! Share these etiquette tips with your colleagues so that everyone can become a Google Hangouts pro. Check out more Google Hangouts help articles here.


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