Chrome, G Suite, and Promevo are a Win for Multinational Companies



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Essence needed an OS solution that would be easy to scale

Established in 2005, Essence is a digital marketing firm whose mission is to make advertising more valuable to the world. Essence started as a single office in London, England, but currently employs over a thousand people in ten offices throughout Europe, North America, Asia, and Australia.

Originally Essence used Microsoft Small Business Server. But soon they began to grow beyond the number of employees that the server was meant to handle. They knew they could either move to a more expensive version of Exchange or try something more innovative. While at the time they were a small company, they had plans to expand globally. Essence needed a solution that would scale at a low cost and allow them to effectively work with clients and internal teams. As a forward-looking company, they decided to adopt G Suite.

Essence chooses G Suite to simplify everything from auditing to onboarding

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“The ability to share documents was the driving factor,” explains Colin McCarthy, Associate Director of IT in North America. “The IT person at the time . . . knew that investing in physical, limited equipment and hardware wasn’t going to scale well for us if we [were] ever going to go globally.”

Essence has greatly benefited from G Suite’s easy collaboration. With different offices often working in concert, the ability to share and work simultaneously on different Docs, Sheets, and Slides has been crucial. McCarthy described a time when Essence was creating a pitch for a global client. They had 26 people in seven offices and five different time zones working on the same Slides presentation. In a traditional OS solution, this process would have been much more labor intensive. They would have had to send different versions of the presentation to everyone and most likely would have left one team with the task of assembling the final product. Instead, Essence employees around the world worked together to complete the pitch in real time, making their work process more efficient through digital synergy.

Chrome and G Suite beat the competition

McCarthy describes how much of an improvement G Suite and Chrome is over Essence’s previous system. “It means that we as IT professionals aren’t spending time daily patching and managing, doing administration on physical systems. We spend our time working on improving the company’s efficiency with IT usage rather than spending resources checking the oil and kicking the tires on an old Exchange system.”

He continued, “[G Suite] is a vital component of how Essence operates. Never having to worry about your core communications, whether it’s email, video conferencing, chat, [or] document collaboration; knowing that it is secure, working, [and] new features are being updated.”

Essence now has bought over 2,000 G Suite licenses from Promevo, and in May 2016 the company officially had over one million files in their Google Drive, showing just how extensively they use G Suite. In addition to Gmail, Essence employees most often use Google Sheets and Google Slides. The IT department frequently uses Sheets for auditing and task lists, especially when it comes to onboarding new employees, and the media department uses Sheets for everything from financial planning to media campaigns. The media team also employs Slides to create presentations for external and internal organizations. McCarthy estimates that at any given time 70% of Essence’s employees are using Sheets, with the rest using Slides.

Google Hangouts and Chromebox for Meetings create open communication

Chromebox for Meetings video conferencing

Google Hangouts also plays a key role in the company’s day-to-day operations. Essence is able use Hangouts to have instant messaging conversations and, when combined with Chromebox for Meetings, video conferencing. With approximately 45 CFM units deployed,  Essence has brought reliable and versatile video conferencing to their company. They were also one of Promevo’s first customers to adopt the Chromebase for meetings when it was released in 2016.

Chromebox for Meetings has further enhanced the ability to work with clients worldwide and collaborate across Essence’s multiple offices. These devices have become a vital part of the workday, thanks to their quick setup and ease of use. McCarthy agreed that the minimal cost and flexibility of the Chromebox for Meetings far outweighs any other investment they could have made in another video conferencing solution.

Chrome, G Suite, and Promevo are a win for Essence

Essence has been impressed with the assistance they get from Promevo. They especially love Promevo’s Google-certified support specialists and their personal Account Manager. “With Promevo, if I have a question, I can email support rather than trying to look through a forum. And [I] know that I’m getting my devices from a trusted reseller.”

Powered by G Suite and Chrome, Essence is truly living out their goal of being a global company. “There is no real head office because with [G Suite], people can work anywhere, we can communicate seamlessly.”

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