G Suite Case Study: Why a Growing Workforce Needs G Suite

Based in Mill Valley, California, Auberge Resorts Collection is comprised of more than a dozen award-winning resorts and hotels in six different countries. Auberge has created a timeless collection of exceptional properties, each with its own distinctive character, so guests have a unique and memorable experience.

Auberge Resorts Collection has been in business for twenty years and has over 2,000 employees. As a global organization, Auberge needed an affordable and efficient technology solution that was fast, easy to maintain, and flexible.

Auberge Resorts Collection: Luxury resort environment, complicated tech environment

During the company’s first decade, the business used different versions of a hosted email server and an open-source chat system for real-time communication. Auberge relied on local storage and external hard drives, but this setup was far from ideal because it was costly, resource intensive, and difficult to back up. As the company grew, these drawbacks only became more apparent.

In 2010 the Director of Technology, Tim Dickson, decided it was time for a change. He needed a solution that would not only substantially increase their storage capacity, but would also unify their various domains. For fourteen years, all of the Auberge resorts and hotels had been running on separate domains in siloed environments. Dickson knew that having all the resorts and hotel websites under a single domain would create better brand recognition and be easier to manage. If Auberge decided to do this in-house with legacy technology, it would require a server scale-up that the IT team was not prepared to support.

Another challenge the organization faced was onboarding new employees and migrating existing employees to a new device. It was a lengthy and complicated process whenever a new employee joined Auberge or when a new device was deployed. At the time, Dickson was backing up everything to a second drive and then migrating all the data over manually. He knew that in order to grow successfully, Auberge needed to find a streamlined process for onboarding employees and a simpler way to upgrade devices.

Choosing G Suite to centralize files and unify their domains

Person holding a Chromebook

Dickson decided that transitioning Auberge Resorts Collection to a cloud-based solution would be his best option. He reached out to Google to learn about possible solutions with G Suite. Google referred Dickson to Promevo, a Premier Partner and expert in Google change management, to walk Auberge through the transition to G Suite. While talking with Promevo, Dickson saw the benefits of G Suite, especially how Cloud-based storage and Google Drive were huge improvements over their current solution. Further, Google Docs, Sheets, and Hangouts’s real-time collaboration fit in perfectly with Auberge’s international business needs.

Dickson also learned about gPanel, a Google Admin Console management tool. Made by Promevo, gPanel provides administrators with granular visibility and control over all their users’ data and settings. With gPanel, Dickson’s small IT team could manage a large-scale operation and protect digital assets remotely and effectively. “gPanel was the final piece that allowed our successful transition to G Suite. Without it, we would have struggled to perform the administrative tasks we needed, such as centralized [email] signature management, group management policies, automated onboarding policies, etc.” Best of all, since Auberge purchased their G Suite licenses through Promevo, they received gPanel for free!

With gPanel and G Suite, Auberge unified all of their domains through the cloud’s vast servers. They dropped their open-source chat system, exchanging it with Google Hangouts, and switched their email to Gmail. With G Suite, their previously complicated onboarding process became extremely simple. Everything is stored in Google Drive, and all the user has to do is log in to use their device.

Promevo provides hardware and software solutions

Promevo also helped Auberge move from their previous hardware to Chrome solutions. Auberge purchases all their Chrome devices from Promevo, who was Google’s top device partner in 2014, 2015, and 2016. This includes Chromebooks, Chromeboxes, and Chromebox for Meetings, as well as management licenses for the hardware.

Chromebox for meetings and Google Hangouts have completely changed the way Auberge communicates. Dickson explained that before their switch to G Suite and Chrome, a call from the main office in California to the Nanuku Resort in Fiji could cost $3 per minute. Now everyone can join a Google Hangout and enjoy a high-quality video conference call without the extra cost.

With a growing workforce, G Suite is an obvious choice

Person holding a Chromebook

Auberge Resorts Collection has now been using G Suite for more than six years. During that time, their tech processes have been totally transformed. G Suite’s cloud environment lets Auberge employees access anything, anywhere, at any time. G Suite has made it easy for Auberge teams to work collaboratively and in real time, no matter where in the world employees or files are. With more than 14TB of storage, the IT team now has granular insight, control, and visibility over their data. They’re able to search all their files, regardless of physical location, instantly.

By switching to G Suite, Auberge has saved a tremendous amount of time and money. G Suite licenses are three times cheaper than an equivalent enterprise license, and Dickson estimates that any other solution would have easily cost five or six times as much. Auberge also cut costs and time on acquiring and maintaining new servers and onboarding new employees. New Auberge employees instantly have access to the folders and documents they need to begin working when they log into their account for the first time, thanks to G Suite’s convenient organizational units and file sharing settings.

Dickson said, “Working with Promevo has been great. We have stayed with them for six years because of their fast response time and knowledgeable customer service. When we have questions, they reach out personally and show us that they’re eager to help right away. Working with a Promevo account manager is much better than working with a computer. It’s much more personalized, and we have a relationship.”

Auberge wins with G Suite

Thanks to Promevo, Auberge Resorts Collection now has an adaptable G Suite and Chrome tech environment. For an organization with over 2000 employees and an expanding number of resorts, this scalable solution was especially crucial. G Suite is reliable and flexible and has allowed Auberge Resorts Collection to have a solution that works around them and will support them well into the future.

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