How To Enroll a Chrome Device in Your Domain

If you’ve recently purchased a new Chrome device and need to enroll it in your domain, here’s a quick and easy guide just for you!

Note: You cannot enroll a Chrome device until you have received your welcome letter from Google.

Once you have it, you’ll want to enroll your Chrome device into your domain. Here’s how:

  1. Turn on the Chrome device and follow the onscreen instructions until you see the sign-in screen. Don’t sign in yet.
  2. Before signing in to the Chrome device, press Ctrl+Alt+E to go to the enrollment screen.
  3. Enter the username and password from your Google admin welcome letter, or the username and password for an existing G Suite user on your account that has eligibility to enroll.
    Note: You can control which users can enroll in your domain with the Enrollment Permissions user policy.
  4. Click Enroll device. You’ll receive a confirmation message when you have successfully enrolled the device.

enroll a chrome device,

Once enrolled, you can find the device in your Admin console by clicking Device management > Chrome devices.

  • Note: By default, devices are enrolled into the top-level organization for your domain. You can change where a device is enrolled with the Device Enrollment user policy.


If you found this helpful, click here to learn more about the Admin Console.



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