How To Use Chromebox for Meetings

Mark from Promevo.TV teams up with our resident Chromebox for Meetings experts to walk you through setting up, enrolling, and using a CFM for video meetings.

Unboxing Chromebox for Meetings

The ASUS Chromebox for Meetings comes with all the hardware and accessories you need to deploy. Here’s what you’re going to get it:

  • ASUS Chromebox unit: This Chromebox comes with the Google Hangouts interface pre-installed, so you can get meetings started as soon as everything is set up. On the back are several inputs for ethernet, USB 3, HDMI, a displayport, and a microphone/headphone jack.
  • Mounting bracket: If you want to mount your CFM to a wall, you can do this with the mounting bracket and the included screws.
  • Full HD Camera: This camera connects into the back of your Chromebox via USB.
  • Speaker Mic: Their audio comes out. Your audio goes in. It’s that simple!
  • Chromebox for Meetings custom remote: Mute, call in, and type with a QWERTY keyboard through this remote.
  • USB Dongle: Plug this into your Chromebox so your remote will have its full functionality.
  • USB Extension cableIf you need to have your Chromebox a little farther from your speaker mic, use this 15-foot cable.
  • Ethernet: Your Chromebox for Meetings kit will work with wireless internet, but we recommend using it with Ethernet to ensure maximum audio and visual quality.
  • Power adapter: Comes with an 8-foot cord to turn your Chromebox on.

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Setting Up Chromebox for Meetings

  1. Plug your speaker mic into one of the USB ports on the back of the Chromebox.
  2. Plug the video camera into the other USB port on the back of the Chromebox.
  3. Connect your HDMI from the Chromebox to your monitor
  4. Connect your Ethernet cord
  5. Plug your power adapter into the Chromebox for Meetings and then into the wall
  6. Press the power button at the front of the Chromebox, and you’re all set!

Configuring Chromebox for Meetings

Once you power your Chromebox for Meetings on, you’ll be taken to the setup page. Choose your language for the Chrome interface and keyboard, your time zone, and the wireless network.

Then you’ll do an enterprise enrollment. Have an admin enter their username and password.

At this point, you’ll be lead through a series of checks to make sure your camera and audio are working. Then you’ll be able to set up the device calendar so that you can easily join meetings.

Chromebox for Meetings FAQs

Yes, you can have video calls between CFMs within your domain, but you won’t be able to present through, reserve rooms, and collaborate through G Suite apps.
Go to, press edit event to go the full options, set your date, and time, then add rooms, guests, and send your invitation.

Camera: This controls whether your camera is on.

Microphone: This will mute your microphone.

Volume: This lets you adjust how loud your speaker mic is.

Add participants: This allows you to add participants through an email address or their phone number.

Settings: This gives control over which cameras, microphones, and speakers you are using, if you have multiples set up, and lets you use accessibility settings.

Phone: This lets you leave the call.

In a web browser, go to, join the meeting, choose if you want to show your entire screen or just the hangout.


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