Chromebits Are Saving Lives: Lakes Region EMS Case Study

Check out this case study for Lakes Region EMS! At Promevo, we love engaging with our customer base, but more importantly, we love solving their problems through the use of Chrome and Chrome products. A short while back, Lakes Region Emergency Medical Services reached out to us with a challenge in hopes we could help them hurdle their obstacle—but first, lets learn a little about their company.

Saving Lives? All in a Day’s Work.

Lakes Region EMS is an Advanced Life Support ambulance service. They work serving suburban and rural communities located just northeast of the Twin Cities metropolitan area in Minnesota. Lakes Region EMS has three bases in Minnesota and two in Wisconsin; Rush City, North Branch, Chisago City, St. Croix Falls, and Milltown. They serve across Minnesota and Wisconsin. In 2014, Lakes Region EMS treated over 5,000 patients between the two states.

All of their ambulances are staffed and equipped to provide Advance Life Support (ALS) care, meaning they can bring the Emergency Room to the patient. Their Paramedics and EMTs are trained in advanced procedures and medications to provide emergency treatment for both traumatic injury and sudden illness.

With these advanced skills and equipment available in the ambulance, the time it takes to receive life-saving treatment goes down and the chance for survival goes up. All of this area covered means that when Brian Galowitz, Operations Manager and Critical Care Paramedic, was searching for better ways to communicate and track his team, he had to look to Chrome.

“From concept to reality with my project, everything has gone to plan… The end result is exactly what I was
hoping for.”

Brian Galowitz, Operations Manager and Critical Care Paramedic

The Problem

What were some of the obstacles we helped Lake Regions EMS overcome? We think it’s best if we take the words directly from them.

“We have five bases across two counties. In 2018, we did just short of 8,000 ambulance calls. Our crews work 12 and 24 hour shifts…Having an easy way to share information is a challenge.”

“[Sometimes] our crews don’t always have visibility of where the truck they are supposed to be using is at when they get to work. With our 24hr schedules, sometimes there is one crew member getting off duty and another one staying on duty. This makes it a challenge to figure out if we need to do some creative shifting of staff to get one person off on time, and the new crew member with their partner.”

If things had continued without a solution, it would’ve continued to create potential miscommunications, lacking employee location awareness, or hurt their ability to track their vehicles. When lives are at stake, time is of the essence. This is where Promevo stepped in.

The Solution

Thanks to our referral from ScreenCloud to Lake Regions EMS, we helped them get set up with Chromebits for their Chrome solution. If you’re unfamiliar with Chromebits, the Google Chromebit is a powerful HDMI stick running Google Chrome OS. Despite its size being similar to that of a candy bar, when placed in the HDMI port of a device such as a TV, the Chromebit turns that screen into a personal computer. Why is this useful? It can make any “dumb” screen or TV monitor into one with rich, smart features. This means you get a full fledged Chrome experience at a fraction of the cost.

Lake Regions EMS deployed two immediately and now plans to expand their fleet to ten. “We were opening a new building, so we were able to test before the base location was put into use,” Galowitz explained.

They can now easily track their employees and their trucks using an application on the Chromebits, so that they’re always aware of the entire fleet.

The Experience

One of the best parts of Chrome is how easy it is to deploy and to use. We like to see what the customer’s specific use case will be and make sure that we can help guide them through every step of the process.

“These devices [are] at remote bases, so being able to manage them remotely is a huge benefit to me and the organization. We also use Office 365, but the solutions were not as elegant as the Chromebit. We had some challenges getting the licensing correct, but Google Chat support and Promevo helped me get through that. Now that I know how to do it, it truly takes 3 minutes to set [a Chromebit] up.”


Now Brian and his team can work efficiently to ensure that their region is served as completely as possible. They’re now able to guarantee that they know where everyone in their fleet is at all times.

“Being able to manage them [Chrome devices] remotely is a huge benefit to me and the organization.”
Brian Galowitz, Operations Manager and Critical Care Paramedic

What would you tell others on the fence about going Chrome?

We obviously love Chrome and all the features it brings, but we’d rather share the advice from another satisfied customer.

“Go for it—it has proven to be an easy solution. From concept to reality with my project, everything has gone to plan… There were some challenges, but the end result is exactly what I was hoping for.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Brian. Thank you so much to Brian Galowitz of Lake Regions EMS! We appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us and the rest of the world.

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