How To Assign a Resource to a Device in the Google Admin Console

Before you can start using a Google Meet Hardware kit, you have to assign a resource to a device in the Google Admin console. These instructions explain how to assign a resource to a device in the Google Admin console so you can start having virtual meetings right away!

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Before you begin

  • Make sure your resource is added correctly. You can find instructions explaining how to add a resource in the Google Admin console here. Once you have a resource configured, you can assign it to a device.

How to assign a resource to a device in the Google Admin console

1. From the Admin console home page, click on Devices.

2. Next, under Device Settings click Google meeting room hardware.

3. You will see a list of all meeting room hardware devices in your domain. Click on the name of the device that you would like to assign a resource to.

4. Click Assign Calendar.

5. Click Room Calendar and type in the name of the resource that you would like the device to be attached to.

6. Finally, click Save. A message will popup asking if you would like to keep the current name or use the new room name, make the selection that best fits your preferences.

Now that your resource is attached to a device, you can schedule the new resource. Go to Google Calendar, create an event, and select the new resource as your meeting room.


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