8 Chrome Apps and Extensions You Never Knew You Needed!

You’ve got your Chromebooks, but how do you get the most out of it? Through applications and extensions! These apps and extensions will enhance your Chrome experience and help keep you and your colleagues working efficiently and productively. Here are some of our favorites at Promevo*. gPanel Ever needed a[…]

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Acer Chromebook Tab 10 Conquers the Classroom Tablet Competition

acer chromebook tab 10

We are thrilled to have the first ever Chrome OS tablet—Acer’s Chromebook Tab 10—in our shop! With a 9.7-inch, 2048 x 1536 resolution screen and the ability to use Chrome or Android apps, we can’t wait for the Chromebook Tab 10 to be a classroom staple! Acer Chromebook Tab 10 Features Front 2-megapixel[…]

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3 Ways Chrome Devices Keep Employees Productive

Chrome devices are one of the best technology investments you can make for your business to stay flexible, decrease employee frustrations, and increase engagement and productivity. Through near-zero downtime, easy collaboration, and apps and extensions, Chrome devices will help your employees work smarter, not harder. Chrome Devices are Always Ready[…]

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Chromebook Advice from a Student Tech Team: Just Keep Trying!

explore EDU conference

Last week, Promevo teamed up with Google and ASPIRA Inc., a Chicago charter school with almost a 1:1 student to Chromebook ratio, to host ExploreEDU, an event that introduced Google for Education to Chicago-land teachers, principals, and IT directors. While ASPIRA’s Business and Finance High School has hundreds of Chromebooks,[…]

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Google’s Jamboard is HERE!

google jamboard

It is about time that the whiteboard evolved and made creative processes easier! Google has done just this by reimagining how we collaborate with Jamboard. Revealed last October, Jamboard is a 55-inch whiteboard featuring a 4K touchscreen display, HD camera, speakers and handwriting recognition and more. Jamboard enhances collaborative meetings[…]

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Essence Goes Global with the Help of Promevo and G Suite

Essence logo

Editor’s note: Read the full Essence case study here for more details. With the announcement of Google’s rebranding, a lot of things have changed.  Google for Work is now Google Cloud, and Google Apps is G Suite.  With this change comes new features, new logos, and new ways to engage[…]

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Lenovo Chromebook N42 Delivers on Productivity with Optimum-Sized Screen

Lenovo N42 Chromebook

Lenovo has always excelled at building Chromebooks based on educator’s needs; fast, durable, easy-to-use, and a price that won’t break the bank.  On these criteria, the new Lenovo Chromebook N42 definitely delivers.  Add the bonus of a sweet 14” high-resolution screen, and you have an awesome choice for both teachers and[…]

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Review: The ASUS C202 Chromebook

Asus C202 Chromebook

Educators, prepare to celebrate! Today we will be discussing the new ASUS C202 Chromebook, the perfect device for your classroom. Most of us are all familiar with Chromebooks, how well they fit in the classroom, their great prices, easy-to-use design, and seamless support for large amounts of users. The ASUS[…]

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The All New HP Chromebook 13 G1: Built for Work

HP Chromebook 13 G1

  Over the last year, the Education market has been dominated by Chromebooks. A market analysis can prove that OEMs had one goal in mind- create the most affordable Chromebook option. These options are great for any school or district that may need to purchase several hundred Chromebooks for students.[…]

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