How Going Google Unified The Rocky Ridge Trucks Sales Team

rocky ridge trucks

Who makes the toughest ride in town? Rocky Ridge Trucks is one of the most prestigious aftermarket automotive modifiers in the United States. They make big, bad trucks by upgrading base models with off-road lifts, unique paint jobs, and interior designs, and have done custom work for Jason Aldean, Kid[…]

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Prairie Spirit Switches to Chrome for Meetings with Promevo

Promevo has always been proud of our work in the field of educational technology. One of the most rewarding parts of the experience is learning about the amazing and innovative things that schools are doing with that technology. Google created G Suite for Education in order to empower educators and[…]

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Essence Goes Global with the Help of Promevo and G Suite

Essence logo

Editor’s note: Read the full Essence case study here for more details. With the announcement of Google’s rebranding, a lot of things have changed.  Google for Work is now Google Cloud, and Google Apps is G Suite.  With this change comes new features, new logos, and new ways to engage[…]

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Plymouth-Shiloh Schools: Using Samsung Tablets in the Classroom

Plymouth-Shiloh Schools holding Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Technology in the classroom is quickly expanding and evolving. Just a few years ago, only one or two students in a class had a laptop and, often, it was simply seen as a distraction. Now, forward-thinking educators are encouraging students to use all kinds of technology to learn. Chromebooks are distributed[…]

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Amare Inc. Trades in Their Balancing Act for G Suite

Women smiling

Amare Inc. – Empowering Women Amare Inc. is a direct marketing company that helps women quickly transform their love lives by connecting them to powerful advice, tools, and expertise. It is exciting how they have empowered millions of women to eliminate their bad habits and beliefs and to replace these[…]

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