Introducing Grab and Go with Chrome Enterprise and Promevo

grab and go chromebook program

Keep your workforce productive with self-service Chromebooks Suppose one of your employees forgets their laptop at home, leaves it on the bus, spills hot coffee all over it, or out of nowhere, the device just dies. What happens next? They’ll likely spend hours, maybe days, on the sidelines waiting for[…]

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What You Need to Know About Gmail’s 2018 Revamp

Gmail on cellular device

Noticed something new while checking your email this morning? Gmail has just started rolling out its first major revamp since 2011 to enhance your safety and productivity.  Here are the new features you can look forward to: Productivity Sidebar The first thing you might notice is the clickable sidebar Gmail[…]

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Chromebook Myths Debunked—Chromebooks are awesome!

drawing on a chromebook

Our Promevo.TV team created this for a third party in secret, but they were granted permission to make their own version and release it to all of you. We want to explain why we think more people, schools, and businesses should be going Chrome—and how useful Chromebooks TRULY are. We[…]

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13 Chrome Accessibility Tools You Probably Don’t Know About

Google is committed to bringing the best tech to all their users, including users with disabilities. Through assistive technology on Chrome devices and G Suite, and by supporting accessibility-based Chrome extensions, Google is making sure that all are welcome and able to use their products. Here are some of the[…]

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8 Chrome Apps and Extensions You Never Knew You Needed!

You’ve got your Chromebooks, but how do you get the most out of it? Through applications and extensions! These apps and extensions will enhance your Chrome experience and help keep you and your colleagues working efficiently and productively. Here are some of our favorites at Promevo*. gPanel Ever needed a[…]

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3 Ways Chrome Devices Keep Employees Productive

Chrome devices are one of the best technology investments you can make for your business to stay flexible, decrease employee frustrations, and increase engagement and productivity. Through near-zero downtime, easy collaboration, and apps and extensions, Chrome devices will help your employees work smarter, not harder. Chrome Devices are Always Ready[…]

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Hangouts Meet Kit Takes Tech Troubles Out of Video Calls

hangouts meet kit

This blog was updated on February 7, 2018, to reflect the addition of  the Logitech PTZ Pro 2 camera for larger rooms.   Capitalizing on the success of Google Chromebox for Meetings, Google has just introduced their Hangouts Meet hardware kit, which will let businesses and organizations focus on their[…]

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Pixelbook Launches Chromebooks into High-End Laptop Market

google pixelbook

Google has officially released their latest Chromebook, a testament to their climb into the high-end laptop market. Starting at $999, the Google Pixelbook shows everything a Chromebook can be, from its polished design to its speed and ability to convert into four different devices. A Thing of Beauty The Pixelbook[…]

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Review: Samsung Chromebook Pro

samsung chromebook pro

Chromebooks have significantly evolved over the past few years, and if it just so happens that you are looking for a solid hybrid laptop; you are in luck! Samsung has revealed two new additions to its Chromebook list in collaboration with Google: The Chromebook Pro and The Chromebook Plus. Being[…]

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