What’s New with Chrome Enterprise?

On September 1, 2019, Google will be updating the name of Chrome licenses. Promevo’s products will reflect this change. Please note that the name is the only thing that is changing about these products. The functionality, cost, and features will remain the same. Previous Name New Name Chrome Enterprise License

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New Products at Promevo | August 2019

Check out the newest products added to shop.promevo.com! On our online shop you can shop, quote, and purchase with a PO or credit card.  **Please note that since these are new products, most are currently out of stock or only available for pre-order. As more stock becomes available, the products

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grab and go chromebook program

Introducing Grab and Go with Chrome Enterprise and Promevo

Keep your workforce productive with self-service Chromebooks Suppose one of your employees forgets their laptop at home, leaves it on the bus, spills hot coffee all over it, or out of nowhere, the device just dies. What happens next? They’ll likely spend hours, maybe days, on the sidelines waiting for

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G Suite Price Increases 2019

Google recently announced price increases for G Suite licenses. These increases will take effect on April 2, 2019.* To make the G Suite portfolio consistent, Google will remove the cost difference between annual and monthly pricing beginning April 2, 2019. Which G Suite licenses are being affected? G Suite Basic

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What’s New in Chrome OS 66?

At the end of April, Google pushed the new Chrome OS 66 update. The most important bit? Adding security measures so that all Chrome OS devices are protected against Meltdown attacks. Along with the beefed-up safeguarding, OS 66 has added quite a few display and Google Play features. Here are

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Swiss army knife

Chrome: the Swiss Army Knife of Operating Systems

We hear it all the time. From our YouTube channel to our blog, it’s always the same comment: “But you can’t run Photoshop/Word/Linux on a Chromebook!” It’s time to realize that seven years on, the Chromebooks of 2018 aren’t the same as that first (but we do miss the Samsung

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11 Mistakes First-Time Charging Cart Buyers Should Avoid!

  One of the most important aspects of investing in technology for your school and/or classroom is making sure you have the means to protect your devices. After a long day of students working and interacting with the devices, the last thing you want is to leave your Chromebooks or

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Plymouth-Shiloh Schools holding Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Plymouth-Shiloh Schools: Using Samsung Tablets in the Classroom

Technology in the classroom is quickly expanding and evolving. Just a few years ago, only one or two students in a class had a laptop and, often, it was simply seen as a distraction. Now, forward-thinking educators are encouraging students to use all kinds of technology to learn. Chromebooks are distributed

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Women smiling

Amare Inc. Trades in Their Balancing Act for G Suite

Amare Inc. – Empowering Women Amare Inc. is a direct marketing company that helps women quickly transform their love lives by connecting them to powerful advice, tools, and expertise. It is exciting how they have empowered millions of women to eliminate their bad habits and beliefs and to replace these

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